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Setting Up Your New Mac
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This guide will help you set up your new Mac computer.



A PDF of these instructions is available for download at the bottom of this article.


1: Power on the device


2: Answer the initial Language, Region and Accessibility prompts


3: Connect to a wired or wireless network

  • If you’re on campus and using wireless, select a guest network since you cannot enter a username for CU Denver during the setup process. You can connect to your preferred network once you’re logged into the operating system.


4: Acknowledge remote management

  • From the serial number, the device is recognized as managed by the College of Arts & Media. The School of Dental Medicine name is shown because we share the same marketplace for Apple purchases and it defaults to them. CAM is the organization that actually manages your computer.


5: Answer setup prompts just as you would if you had gotten the device from the Apple Store

  • Examples include transferring data from your old Mac, entering your Apple ID, etc.


6: Create your computer account

  • Create a computer account with your name and a password of your choosing. We recommend creating a hint to help you remember. CAM IT cannot recover your password.


Now that you’ve created your account and logged in, you’re all to start using the device. In the background, the following applications will be installed automatically:

  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Global Connect VPN
  • Chrome browser
  • Firefox browser
  • Zoom


Further Assistance

Stuck or have questions? We're here to help! 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 303-315-7428

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